Monday, July 25, 2011


Here is a PDF link to what is supposedly Breivik's political manifesto
(I'm specifically linking to page 1465 in it, relating to India/Hindus.)

I'm unable to authenticate if the document is really genuine, however it's very disheartening and stunning to see that such a studiously observant and articulate fellow has turned out to be a cold-blooded killer with no regard for the law. To use his own language, he decided to "target the category A and B traitors" in his country and proceeded with deadly precision.

Breivik obviously carried out the bombing against the govt building as a diversionary attack to lure the police to downtown Oslo, so that meanwhile he would be able to massacre the children of the ruling politicians on Utoya island free from police interference. He even used frangible 'dum-dum' bullets to maximize the carnage. It looks as if he pre-meditatively planned everything in meticulous detail, plotting years in advance and obtaining farming and mining permits so that he could acquire explosives and other sensitive deadly materials without suspicion.

It now also seems that Breivik has committed all this mayhem in order to gain himself a public trial and media circus which he can then use as a platform from which to argue his viewpoint and make his case to the world. His goal is to rally the world against Islamization.

I'm thinking that Rahul Gandhi and ISI must be smiling right now.


0b41f198-7b12-11e0-953d-000bcdcb8a73 said...

Curiously, unlike the other "conservatives" especially in the US, where they support the ghastly proselytizing drive, Breivik decries the Christian Mullah's conversion activities and suggests that the Euro-right should support the BJP.

Like you said, San an articulate and well-read guy who should have promoted his ideas in the ballot box and in the public sphere, instead became a genocidal maniac, I feel sad for the families of his victims.

souixsie said...

Sickening! He intelligently analyzed the situation in India and then veered off into deranged madness in proposing his violent solution. He has done more to support the Islamist cause than the likes of Teesta Setalvad, and Tariq Ramadan, and the other Islamic wolves in secular sheep clothing. The pseudo-seculars will milk this for all that it's worth and the Sangh Parivar will turn ostrich-like and bury its anti-intellectual head in the sand in the hope that if it can't see its enemies then they don't exist.

M. Patil said...

Rajeev, I don't think we shoul associate him with Hindus/Hinduism. Already Hindus baiters are sharpening knives blaming Hindus for some thing some wannabe Knight Templar did. So, we should prominently talk about his Christian leanings.

Here is what a guest posted in response to FP article

Guest 4 hours ago
"The purpose behind this article, for those who do not immediately get it, is obvious. The "secular and progressive" publisher wants to establish that a madman in Norway viewed the Hindutva movement favorably, and therefore take a not so subtle jab at the Hindu right wing in India. I can make similar comparisons. As we know, the Deoband Islamic seminary has been a long time supporter of the Congress party. Now, Deoband has not openly murdered anyone, but the Taliban is an adherent of their ideology, and the Taliban has murdered plenty of people. Deoband also states that television and movies are satanic, condoms will lead to sexual anarchy, and a woman should not be allowed to travel more than 48 miles without a companion. It states that homosexuality is a disease, and a Muslim woman can not be allowed to marry a non-Muslim man. Now these are all views that any true secular or progressive would find abhorrent. How does the Congress feel having a Taliban like organization support it? How do so-called "seculars" in India feel about it? Will Firstpost be writing an article on the Congress party's ties to Islamic fundamentalists and Taliban types anytime soon?"

Non Carborundum said...

The compendium contains instructions on how to make bombs etc. It was accessible by over 7000 people. How such a call to action goes undetected is beyond me. Seems like another patsy.

Anand Rajadhyaksha said...

San, Rajeev and all,

I read one line here that I have not read anywhere else. In the context of that line, Breivik's actions make perfect sense, though that does not mean I endorse or empathize with what he did. I qquote,"he would be able to MASSACRE THE CHILDREN OF THE RULING POLITICIANS on Utoya island"

I have not found this gem anywhere in the ELM in India nor in any of the newspapers I read in 3 languages. But if that is so, his actions make perfect sense. He saw the politicians who did not discourage active Islamic immigration as traitors who by their action or inaction, spoiled the future of the younger generation. So he hit out at their young. Maybe he drew inspiration from the 2nd commandment, about visiting the inequities of the fathers on their children.

VidrohiArya said...

The suspect confessed to perpetrating a car bomb against Oslo's [left-wing] government quarters and going on a shooting spree during a Labour Party summer camp on a nearby island.

Of course, I cannot possibly condone what this man has done.

But I think that it is fairly obvious to my most excellent readers that the war against the Left is hotting up.

I know it. You know it. The CIA knows it. The FBI. MI6. Etc Etc.

In fact, what I can never seem to understand is why it is taking so long for people - particularly for men - to rise up against the Left, given its appalling attitude and behaviour over the past two decades.

In combination with the feminists, the leftists have done their very best - with much success over here in Europe - to break up our countries, our cultures and our families, while at the same time heaping hatred upon hatred on to their very own people!

I just cannot understand how they have gotten away with this for so long.

You cannot go round continuing to display rigid intolerance and horrendous injustice against millions of men in your very own country and not expect some kind of violent backlash from them.

And matters are definitely going to get much worse.

I also suspect - and hope, I suppose - that many of you do, in fact, realise that these terrible incidents are in direct response to the self-serving machinations of those in our governing elites and, worse by far, is the fact that these elites know that they are antagonising millions of men by doing what they have been doing.

As indicated in my piece ...

Cultural Marxism And Feminism

... these people are not going to be surprised to find that some men resort to violence.

But they don't care.


1. Because they are well protected compared to the rest of us.

2. Because the probability of them being directly affected is minimal - at the moment.

3. Because they have the wherewithal to escape to a different part of the world should the need arise.

4. Because, currently, the more societal 'disharmony' that they can create, the more power and wealth do they suck up to themselves.

And what they will now do, of course, is to put the blame for this incident on to the individual himself and/or on to some associated group.

Not once will they even refer to their own culpability in this matter.

Ho Hum.

Never mind.

The war against the Left will just continue escalating and, at some stage, with any luck, the leftists and the feminists will be defeated without too much carnage.

I wouldn't count on this though, ...

e.g. see Eight Horrible Facts

To quote my good self, There is nowhere on this Earth where the people can be happy if the men are not happy.

Finally, something else that I would really like to know is this.

Why aren't any of our senior police officers and security services officials telling politicians and mainstream media organisations that they are seriously messing up everybody's future with their ceaseless outpouring of misandry?

Poor CBS An email that I intend to send to as many CBS email addresses as possible.

Your help with emailings, much appreciated.

And please feel free to modify the email in order to suit more appropriately your own thoughts on this matter.

Also, MRAs should download the video in case someone needs a copy for activist purposes in the future.

ramesh said...

rajeev I find this absolutely stunning. From the European right wing bloggers to Hindu nationalists (and that -- I am sorry to say -- includes your somewhat apologetic post), everybody is running to cover their “tracks” bcoz an intelligent Norwegian loony went on a shooting binge. Of course that is understandable as nobody wants to be seen linked to such mindless violence. But one fact gets completely ignored, that he was primarily a Christian fanatic. Just like the S Korean student who went on a shooting binge sometime back in the U.S, also a Christian loony. The Christian churches have very cunningly managed to downplay fanaticism / terrorism inspired by their religion & which is an integral and continuing part of their policy (the crusades, the teutonic knights, the inquisition, the destruction of native cultures by the Christian church, the violence in north east India, or even the jew hating Nazis or the Klux Klux klan for that matter etc. etc., the list is endless) and instead turned the spotlight on Islamic terrorism or as in India, on the “poor” much maligned and largely ineffectual right wing Hindus. A recent well researched book, I forget the title, has shown that the Vatican went out of its way to help “thousands” (and not hundreds) of Nazis flee to S America bcoz they were “fellow Christians”. What brevik has done has to be seen in that context also.

Vijay said...

I tend agree with Ramesh. There is a semitic connection to such horrible massacres. For Hindus the fear of karmic retribution probably holds them back from committing such evil (Oklahoma bombing or this one. Killing unrelated, innocent people wholesale.)

Second, this attack is unprecedented in that it brings Islamic aggression in the very open albeit in a very twisted and unfortunate manner.

Third, how many of the useful idiots ie the liberals or the Moslems would like to analyze the killer's reasonings for these killings. I believe they may be equally uncomfortable with it (regardless of the Islamophobia/rightwing bashing they indulge in, in the public)

Finally would this development further increase awareness among the populace, of Islamic aggression and the dangers therein? I believe so.

san said...


I don't know why you're making gratuitous criticisms of feminists, since the Left are the ones now throwing women's rights under a bus, due to the growing Leftist desire to cater to the sentiments of Islamist political allies.

Vijay said...

If a neutral or uninformed person reads about newspaper articles on Breivik actions... he will come back with awareness of the dangers of Islamic aggression.

Indians will also find out more about Islamic atrocities on Hindus (such as Hindu Kush) which are not taught in schools and kept hidden from them.

san said...

Here's an analysis by a psychiatric expert on Breivik's motivations:

Julian said...

"I don't know why you're making gratuitous criticisms of feminists, since the Left are the ones now throwing women's rights under a bus, due to the growing Leftist desire to cater to the sentiments of Islamist political allies."

Yet most feminists are leftists to the extreme!

Do go on feminist websites and see their totally outrageous nonsense like the recent controversy involving Dawkins or their totally phony "discrimination" politics like "women are paid 77 cents for every dollar men are paid for the same work" (total propaganda BS).

Feminists hiding behind the safety of Western military power (manned by men mostly) compare Bush to Ayatollah or say the Republican party wants to push women into burqa's like the Taliban. I am no fan of the Republicans but talk about ridiculous exaggerations!

The same things apply to so called Indian "feminists". Madhu Kishwar blames RSS for partition!

See any of these Indian feminists ever bring up the fact that a disproportionate number of rapists are Muslim men and their victims non Muslim women?

Feminism is another useless cult similar to communism.

Let me ask you, if feminists were really for equality (by which they mean equality of outcome not equality of opportunity) then how come they don't demand the following in the context of US the way they demand that gov't make laws appointing women as CEO's and so on:

1) Demand that at least 50% of the homeless be women

2) Demand that gov't make sure 50% of suicide cases should be women

3) Demand that women be registered for selective service the same way men are required to

4) Demand that women compete with men on an equal footing in sports (no more womens track and field and other second rate stuff)

5) Demand that women currently in the military, fire service etc pass the same physical standards as men

See the hypocrisy?

The "right" gains nothing trying to ingratiate itself to these hypocrites who in any case provide all sorts of justifications to those Islamists you hate so much.

san said...

Let me provide a useful counter-argument to always keep on hand:

Breivik has also quoted Mahatma Gandhi in his manifesto.

That should shut up those Kaangress snide remarks and insinuations.

san said...


The strategy you are referring to is known as "politicide", and was notoriously developed by right-wing dictatorships in Latin America, such as Pinochet of Chile. "Politicide" refers to the explicit targeting of an opposing political party or movement, to physically eliminate its leadership, and even its future leadership by killing youth members to discourage future recruits. When you see Taliban attacking police recruitment centres in Pak/Afghanistan, they are deliberately trying to scare people away from signing up. They consider attacking the youth wings and recruiting centres to be the most bang for the buck, since the youth members are the neophytes and thus least ideologically committed and thus most easily scared away (aka "ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure")