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Naxal cheerleaders should be 'left alone': govt study

jun 5th, 2011 CE

yup, them boys at JNU etc playing at urban guerilla need to be coddled.

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Naxal cheerleaders should be 'left alone': govt study


Thu Jun 30 2011

A study sponsored by the Union Home Ministry has recommended that
Naxal sympathisers should be "left alone" to the confinement of
seminar halls rather than persecuting them.

"Distinction needs to be made between Naxal activists and the
cheerleaders, between incitement and advocacy and between criminal
conspiracies and ideological sympathises. While the state can go all
out against the Naxal overground activists, alleged persecution of the
cheerleaders would provide no operational benefit.

"It would only endorse the Naxal description of the state as an
intolerant oppressor. As long as the cheerleaders are confining their
activities to the limits of the seminar halls, they should be left
alone," the study conducted under the aegis of the Bureau of Police
Research and Development (BPRD) said in its action plan for Left-wing
extremism hit areas.

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Supreme Court outlaws Salwa Judum...