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Indian activists in FBI-exposed ISI seminar circuit - Angana Chatterji, Kamal Mitra, Akhila Raman, FOSA, FOil, IMUSA

jul 22nd, 2011 CE

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Subject: Indian activists in FBI exposed ISI seminar circuit - Angana Chatterji, Kamal Mitra, Akhila Raman, FOSA, FOil, IMUSA

Sri Narayanan Komerath  had exposed thw  association of Indian
FOSA/FOIl, IMC-USa way  back in 2003, long before the FBA did.
Congrats to him.

Here is his revealing article

"Here’s what the ISI themselves have to say about the ‘Kashmir’ gang
in the US. The South Asia Tribune, quoting Colonel Shuja Khanzada,
self-declared ISI operative posted to the Pakistan Embassy in
Washington, talking about a visit by Opposition Leader Benazir Bhutto
in 1993-94: ‘Then she came to Washington, met people. She met the CIA
people. Khalid Hasan (journalist) was there, Zaidi (journalist) was
there. Dr Fai (Kashmiri lobbyist) was there … I told Dr Fai to step up
his campaign so that they don’t get the impression that you are
involved in the same issue….’ These reports indicate that Dr Ghulam
Nabi Fai takes his orders directly from the Pakistani ISI. The South
Asia Tribune is considered the closest thing to a free
Pakistani-American media outlet. "


Indian activists in  FBI exposed ISI seminar circuit

The FBI on Tuesday (July 19) arrested Kashmiri separatist leader
Ghulab Nabi Fai for allegedly collaborating with Pakistan's ISI by
"clandestinely" funnelling hundreds and thousands of dollars to change
the view of American lawmakers on Kashmir. These men held seminars
which were attended by Indian intellectuals.

Website of Ghulab Nabi Fai's Kashmiri American Council
Kashmiri American Council

A lot of interesting stuff. Now makes sense.

Connect the dots .. Friends of South Asia (photo All will destroy the
terrorist state of India

Check out the photo --

Info on FOSA

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Indian said...

The distance between ISI and the Chairperson of the Congress party is not more than 3:

An ‘Indian liberal’ activist Angana Chaterjee was closely involved with ISI sponsored Kashmiri American Council (KAC). Known as India baiter, she is a regular at the ISI sponsored cultural and academicals of the Kashmiri American Council (KAC).


Now Anjana Chaterjee is a Professor at the Social and Cultural Anthropology at CIIS, San Francisco. Mr Harsh Mander had worked with Anjana Chaterjee sometime between 2004 to 2009.


Mr Harsh Mander is a member of the National Advisory Council(NAC) headed by Mrs Sonia Gandhi. The NAC is set up as an interface with the Indian civil society. The NAC would provide policy and legislative inputs to Government with special focus on social policy and the rights of the disadvantaged groups.


So we have ISI - AnganaChaterjee – Harsh Mander – Sonia Gandhi. While this does not prove that Sonia Gandhi was influenced by the ISI directly, it shows at the very least a serious negligence on the part of the Congress High Command in appointing people to positions of national importance.