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gurumurthy: @thejaggi #faigate just ‘useful idiots’? or worse? the name 'jaichand' sorta leaps to mind

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By S Gurumurthy 
21 Jul 2011 11:40:00 PM IST

Are they just ‘useful idiots’? 

See this list of seculars and liberals. Justice Rajinder Sachar, author of the famous Sachar Committee Report on the state of Indian Muslims; Dileep Padgaonkar, one of the three interlocutors on J&K appointed by the central government; Harish Khare, the media adviser to the prime minister; Rita Manchanda, the India/Pakistan Local Partner for Women Waging Peace; Ved Bhasin, editor, Kashmir Times; Harinder Baweja, editor (investigations), Headlines Today; Gautam Navlakha and Kamal Chenoy, human rights activists, and; Praful Bidwai, well-known columnist. This is the illustrative list of popular Indian liberals who exert powerful influence over the Indian discourse — be it on Kashmir or secularism or on corruption or communalism or on Narendra Modi or Sonia Gandhi.

But this is not the list of probables for the Padma awards. This is the list of those who have been the guests of Ghulam Nabi Fai, who was arrested three days back by the Federal Bureau of Investigation in the US for acting as the front man of Pakistan’s Inter Services Intelligence (ISI). The Washington Times (July 19, 2011) reported that Fai “was arrested Tuesday by FBI agents in a suspected influence-peddling scheme to funnel millions of dollars from the Pakistani government, including its military intelligence service, to US elected officials to help drive India out of the disputed Kashmir territory in South Asia”. Fai was arrested in US not for working to drive India out of Kashmir —  as it is not an offence under the US law — but for the offence of funnelling ISI money to buy influence over US officials for Pakistan. Under the Indian law, the case against the Indian liberals in Fai’s list may well be one of sedition if they had known who Fai was, or if they had not, they could be well just his “useful idiots” as a former editor, R Jaganathan, wrote in his brilliant column in But are they just useful idiots or more?

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M. Patil said...

This is what I posted in response to R. Jaganathan article in First Post.
He responded by agreeing to my POV.

"I am disappointed with the authors rationalization of 'liberals' eating out of known India baiter. Even if they did not know that Fai was a front for ISI they surely knew his views which are quite illiberal and immoral. Did they ever criticize the Kashmiris for their ethnic cleansing of Hindus? What is liberal about that. Roy et al are nothing but the neo Colonial sepoys lashing out at the Indian state and especially Hindus. There nothing liberal about their support for Maoist thugs or Jihadi fascists.

Just because she was 'chosen' by the Booker gang does not make her a liberal. It is time Indians stop being awed by 'foreign' awards. Either they come with strings attached or they are Trojan Horses.

This episode just confirms what majority of the netizens here have already guessed. There is a huge nexus between, NGOs, ‘Liberals’, page 3 wallas and Foreign Money. And these jerks have the nerve to indulge in name calling of decent hardworking people by labeling them ‘Sanghis’, Internet Hindus etc.