Monday, July 25, 2011

Norway Attacks Bring Bloggers Under Scrutiny

The bombing and massacre committed by deranged Norwegian killer Anders Breivik is now bringing scrutiny to the activities of bloggers who have criticized Islam. Jihadwatch founder Robert Spencer, who was quoted by Breivik in his manifesto, is now fending off allegations that his writings helped to inspire a mass-murderer.

This gives the opportunity for us all to reflect on the need to help keep rhetoric in check, lest the mentally unsound misread and distort well-intentioned words, to parlay them into appallingly ugly and unacceptable crimes.


Inferno said...

Stocks related to high-speed trains plummet in China .
The losses followed news that a high-speed train rear-ended another Saturday evening.

Non Carborundum said...


Mani Stinker calls Congress circus, chased on unicycle by Digvijay and given wedgie.

M. Patil said...

Did'nt the Una bomber quote Al Gore and of course did not Osama Bin Laden quote a particular book, and Haidths?

I am all for looking for source of inspiration for all terrorist acts including that of Major Nidal, OSama. Why stop there, lets go all the way to Md Bin Quasim and also the source.

However, what NYT did was a hit job. Is it any surprise that they are doing so badly.

souixsie said...

Robert Spencer will slap his critics silly. Unlike Hindus who will run for the hills, the Abrahamics aren't fazed by overreaching liberals. One deranged lunatic does not whitewash the historical record of Islamic totalitarianism.

சுழியம் said...


The whole of this "Breivik's political manifesto" could be ghost scripted by the church to ensure that only they become the sole voice against Jihad.

I am pretty sure this much killing and violence require a powerful backup.

In one stone, the church has aimed to pluck three mangoes.

Mango no.1: Controlling Jihadi supporting labor party politicians

Mango no.2: Appropriating the anti-Jihad dias from athiests and non-christian forces

Mango no.3: Blaming every violence activities in Europe to Hindutva think tanks, while escaping all their violences.

Mango no.3: