Sunday, July 24, 2011

Darul Uloom Chief Fired for Praising Modi

The chief of Darul Uloom Islamic seminary was fired for making remarks that were allegedly in praise of Narendra Modi.


Uddharet said...

A related matter: ELM and Darul Uloom itself were calling it a "university", and pretending that Vastanvi was its "Vice-Chancellor". They seem to have stopped that. Darul Uloom is now an "educational institution" and it's chief is given the title "Rector".
I question this also. How can a religious "seminary" or monastery become an "educational institution"? In my opinion, it cannot qualify even as a primary school. Can a nunnery be called an "educational institution"?
All the above have relevance to the reported intention of Vastanvi's supporters to file a petition under PIL to get him reinstated. When Darul Uloom is not a university (or even a school), but a seminary or monastery there could be neither a petition nor any "public interest". At best Vastanvi -- not his supporters -- could file a suit for damages.