Sunday, July 24, 2011

Darul Uloom Chief Fired for Praising Modi

The chief of Darul Uloom Islamic seminary was fired for making remarks that were allegedly in praise of Narendra Modi.

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Uddharet said...

A related matter: ELM and Darul Uloom itself were calling it a "university", and pretending that Vastanvi was its "Vice-Chancellor". They seem to have stopped that. Darul Uloom is now an "educational institution" and it's chief is given the title "Rector".
I question this also. How can a religious "seminary" or monastery become an "educational institution"? In my opinion, it cannot qualify even as a primary school. Can a nunnery be called an "educational institution"?
All the above have relevance to the reported intention of Vastanvi's supporters to file a petition under PIL to get him reinstated. When Darul Uloom is not a university (or even a school), but a seminary or monastery there could be neither a petition nor any "public interest". At best Vastanvi -- not his supporters -- could file a suit for damages.