Thursday, July 07, 2011

new world heritage sites: none from india.


Rajan Parrikar said...

Are you surprised? India is the world champion at turning heritage into shit. I was at the Jaisalmer fort a few years ago and what I remember most is people urinating near the entrance to the fort. At the Amber fort near Jaipur you have to see the strewn piles of refuse and garbage.

Non Carborundum said...


On the recent "doping scandal" that has hit Indian athletics.

It's common knowledge that all athletic events' winners use banned substances, mainly anabolic steroids. It's just that the masking techniques used in the US, China and Europe are more advanced, so they do not get caught that easily.

When our own athletes are caught, there is always this sanctimonious humbugging that's thrown left, right and centre by couch potatoes who wouldn't dream of putting their bodies on the line for the country.

This sort of criticism is no less than treachery in my view. Unfortunately, no one really cares.

Inferno said...

OT: Sins of the Flesh - Church Shaken by Sexual Abuse Allegations in Africa