Tuesday, July 26, 2011

there are actually smart, attractive pak women. one or two that they use for propaganda purposes

jul 27th, 2011 CE

like they used maleeha lodhi, and benazir bhutto.

now they have hina rabbani.

unfortunately, india's foreign policy types will have trouble keeping their wits about them -- even though most of them are 3x her age -- and, while salivating and fantasizing about her, they will sign away many of india's national interests.

that is, if there are any left after all these years of UPA rule. 


Non Carborundum said...


What we knew all along - Indian manufactured power plant equipment better than Chinese:


The artcile does not even cover what the slit eyes will do when comes the time for buying additional maintenance spares.

Inferno said...

OT: Blood money paid, 17 Indians accused of murdering a Paki to be freed
S.P.Singh Oberoi, an Indian businessman deposited 3.39 million UAE Dirhams, equivalent to Rs. 4 crore as compensation in the case.

Inferno said...

South Korea has become the latest to bear the brunt of Chinese cyber aggression.

China is home to some of the world's most sophisticated hackers, many of which are given a virtual green light to attack foreign governments and businesses, in attacks that assist China's government and Chinese businesses. It's a well known fact, but everyone is too afraid to try to stand up to the Asian nation.

souixsie said...

This is ridiculous! Her only accomplishment is to have an expensive taste in clothing and jewelry. In this regard she reminds me of the other Pakistani (American), Huma Abedin, who is Hilary Clinton's chief factotum and is married to the despicable Antony Weiner. Her main claim to fame before her husband sexted his career away,was her choice in haute couture and her remains-of-the-day perfect butler role in serving Clinton. Nirupama Rao has gravitas. Hina Rabbani is just a puppet used by the Pakistanis to gain a diplomatic advantage over the Indians. Veena Mallik could substitute for her and the Indians would just as happily given off the store.

souixsie said...

Let's face it, the NDA geriatrics would probably capitulate even faster to a pretty Muslim face. Tehmina Durrani's book, My Feudal Lord, should be required reading in the IFS.

nizhal yoddha said...

there was also arundhati ghose, who had cojones of steel.

yes, siouxsie, the tehmina durrani book should be made required reading not only for the IFS but for all the wagah-candle-wallahs and magsaysay award winners.

Noname said...

Read the first paragraph and weep my fellow Hindus


souixsie said...

Nizhal, I had considered writing in Arundhati Ghose in memory of her brilliant performance at the UN, until I googled her for more information and found that she was related to the odious Sagarika Ghose, and that she might have changed her tune since her retirement. But to be fair, I think that her name gets unfairly confused with Arundhati Susan Roy in some blogs.

Going back to Pakistani ministers, the males have the typical Muslim attitude that they can seduce any woman. Condoleeza Rice - now that's a woman with cojones of steel - soon reduced them to babbling idiots. Perhaps they couldn't charm Nirupama Rao who seems to be cut from the same mold as Rice, and decided that it might be easier to go after the Indian males with a Pakistani version of the Kardashian sisters. And they may be right.