Friday, July 22, 2011

Norwegian Bombs Oslo, Shoots 80 Teens

Norway has been hit by twin attacks, with a bomb detonating in front of the Prime Minister's office in downtown Oslo, and a gunman disguised in a police uniform shooting to death 80 teenaged kids during a gathering by the left-wing ruling party on the Norwegian island of Utoya.

The culprit believed responsible for both incidents is Anders Behring Breivik, a right-wing Norwegian who opposed Muslim immigration into his country. Here are some of Breivik's comments which he had made online over the years in support of his political views:

Rather strange - he doesn't seem extreme in his comments. Nothing to indicate a mass-murderer. He even shows sympathy for Hindus who were killed during Islamic conquest:

The number is 270-300 million (not billion). Approximately 80 to 150 were Hindus who were killed in the east-Jihad campaigns (Hindu Kush) before and after the conquest of Sindh, which lasted in an organized manner until the British arrived.

Hindus and Buddhists were shown no mercy whatsoever in the first centuries, in contrast to the book.

Today's "space folk / Gypsies" are descendants of the Hindu slaves who were brought over the Hindu Kush. Tens of thousands of these gypsies fled when the Caliphate lost in 1683, in Vienna (they brought about 100,000 slaves in the Vienna-campaign). There were so many of them made it to Europe.

Hindu Kush genocide is the largest in human history. Ironically NOK is the government of India worse when it comes to indulgence than self kulturmarxistene in Western Europe.

To hide the genocide similar Hitler x 45 can not be described as anything but insane.
Pakistan (Hindu / Muslim Population) [1]

1941 to 25% Hindus
1948 to 17%
1991 to 1.5%
2007 to 1%

Bangladesh (Hindu / Muslim Population) [1]

1941 to 30% Hindus
1948 to 25%
1971 to 15%
1991 to 10%
2007 to 8%
I'm really puzzled.

Digvijay Singh will go into an orgasmic frenzy when he reads this stuff.


vnl said...

digvijay is a bloody pigvijay

nutwit said...

Enough reasons for Pigvijay singh to say RSS ka hath and Hindu terror!

souixsie said...

Hindus need to take a page from the Jews and learn to cry anti-semiticism (anti-sanatanism?) for every slight. It takes an Abrahamic to understand an Abrahamic, and no one does it better than the oldest and wisest of them.