Tuesday, June 03, 2014

Shatrughan says Roberto Vadra entitled to SPG security

Kyon Jee, Jis Thaali Mein Khaate ho, Ussi mein Chedh Karte ho?

(Hindi metaphor: Mister, you perforate the 
very plate on which you're served dinner)

Frankly, I was disappointed that the BJP even gave this Ballywood entity of yesteryear a ticket to contest the Lok Sabha elections. 

This entity is not known for any commitment to or espousal of the BJP's ideology or NaMo's vision.

On the contrary, he is known for his proximity to the Bihari "secularists" Nitish Kumar, Lallu Yadav and fraternal relations with Pakistani elites - and had belittled Modi before the elections.

He should have been put in his place like Jaswant Singh. These people do not embody the systemic change that NaMo has promised and that which the nation awaits.


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