Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Sharia law being enforced in Udupi

It is a HUGE story when Shri. Pramod Muthalik's boys do the opposite, i.e. prevent demographic Jihad in pubs. All the pseudo-liberal professional agitators and the #Presstitutes make a VULGAR display of breast beating.

Renuka & Tejaswini Chodhry, Nisha Susan and the Pink panty brigade are fuming that Hindu girls are not being allowed to breed future Jihadis who will no doubt, contribute to the "composite culture" in a "secular", "peaceful" India.

Well, what is good for the goose should be good for the gander etc.

Why isn't this the top story on all the TV news channels and in the newspapers?

Udupi is not that far from Mangalore, so logistics cannot possibly be an issue.

UDUPI: A mob thrashed a man when he was with a girl from another community on Tuesday.

Thirteen men barged into the girl' house in Banglegudde, Karkala, and assaulted Sudhir Rane, 29, of Bailoor who was with her. They assaulted Sudhir with lethal objects, injuring him on the face and hands. They humiliated him by trimming his hair, videographed their act, and shared the clip on Facebook and WhatsApp.

Six persons were on Wednesday arrested in connection with the assault. They have been identified as Asif, Makbul, Kishore, Altaf, Dawood and Ibrahim, all residents of Banglegudde. The other seven are absconding.

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