Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Biblical Neanderthal to enforce teaching Christist fiction

There is a saying in Hindi: "Naya Mussalman Allah Allah!" approximately meaning "the recently converted Moslem shouts Allah the loudest".

The missionary zeal of this neo-convert
evangelical of desi origin will end up destroying, in the field of public education in the state of Louisiana what 
the founding fathers of America envisioned - the separation of Church and State. The greatness of the USA is not owed to Christianity in any way. It was achieved by keeping medieval bigotry in the public space at bay.

It will be a sad day for American liberty if "Bobby" Jindal gets his way on this. This fellow represents the worst of America and the worst of India.


san said...

Jindal is a low-EQ self-centred sycophant-cum-zealot. Morley Safer of 60 Minutes best summed him up as "a young man in a hurry."

Don't get me wrong, I think more Indian Americans should support political conservativism and fiscal responsibility. But I think Jindal is too much of a duffer to strike the right balance.

Sujeev said...

Jindal will soon hit the glass ceiling. America not ready for desi president after Obama's 2 terms. Let him expend all his energy on a wild goose chase.