Sunday, June 08, 2014

Kerala christist Padre rapes 9 year old

Emulating his Abrahamic "prophets" in 21st century India. I hope this perverted ROL scum is given exemplary punishment. BJP elder statesman Shri L.K. Advani, in the past has advocated for capital punishment for rapists.

Should the parents have sent the child for "communion" unsupervised knowing the history of the Christist church and its perverted padre vultures?

" India Bureau 05/05/2014 

Pimp Preacher has just received the first Pastor Complaint from India, and the nature of the crime comes as no surprise to our staff. Pastor Raju Kokken a Catholic priest was arrested after more than a week on the run from police. According to the victim –Pastor Raju Kokken offered the 9 year old girl communion and that’s when the victims says he sexually assaulted her. The girl told police that she was sexually assaulted twice by the priest afterwards, and Raju Kokken took naked photos of her on his mobile phone.

 As Confirmed By India 

Pastor Raju Kokken Arrested For Raping Girl Age 9: Lured Child With Communion , a 40-year-old Catholic priest at Saint Paul’s Church in Thaikkattussery, who was on the run since parents of a nine-year-old girl accused him of allegedly raping their daughter on April 25, was arrested from Poothappady in Nagercoil in Tamil Nadu on Sunday. "

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