Sunday, June 29, 2014

Quick notes: Nalanda history, Chimp Music...

  • Concoction: Arun Shourie exposes Marxist fiction and lies on history of Nalanda

  • What Music Do Animals Like? Chimpanzees prefer listening to West African akan and North Indian raga over western music.

  • Our God is a living deity: I still remember the words of my father when he came out of the sanctum sanctorum after changing the Brahma (soul of Lord Jagannath) during the Nabakalebara in 1977. He emerged after nearly two hours. The first thing he did was hug me. We clung to each other and wept. Not only the two of us but all the sevayats present were weeping. Shaking like a leaf, my father whispered in my ears: "Brahma Hi Satya (soul is eternal)." The words have stayed with me. One should understand that our God is a living deity, who can be experienced only through love and dedication and not through scholarship..
    .. vEdAhamEtam puruSHam mahAntam | AdityavarNam tamasas parastAt ..

  • Rafale Fighter Jet Deal in Final Lap: Awaits Government's nod.

  • Eyes on defence deals: Western powers rush to court Modi

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Unknown said...

I am just surprised that these leeches, anti national, corrupt moles are identified only as an ideological
Intellictual or Marxists. But the real Marxists like Chinese have great respect for their customs and traditions including Buddhist culture. So, what is the idea behind hiding traitors by not properly labeling them?