Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Padres attempt punitive rape in property dispute

If the Christist "fathers" (sic) had been successful, it would have been reported as just another statistic, i.e . identities concealed - the media #Presstitutes would have attributed it to "regressive Hindoo practices and attitudes" and used 
it as a stick to beat Hindus and India with.

The #AAPtards, the psecs, the communists, the Moslem fundamentalists and the Christist padres are the ones resisting strong legislation that would make rapes liable for capital punishment - because their types are the greatest perpetrators. In the rare incident where a perpetrator is apprehended - it is these same entities that indulge in vulgar breast beating regarding "human rights" of the rapists, their "juvenile status" etc.

Exhibit A: AAPtard Nina Nayak, defeated L.S candidate from Bangalore and advocate for Delhi gangrape perpetrators.


BAREILLY: Police here have filed a case under various sections of the IPC against three Christian priests after a local woman alleged in a police complaint on Monday that they had tried to rape her. 

In her complaint, the woman said the priests attempted to rape her as they were angry with her stand on a property related dispute. She alleged that the three attempted to rape her after she was called at a house to discuss a compromise formula. 

The woman, 30, a resident of the Civil Lines locality, had a land dispute with the priests, accusing them of fraudulently selling church property to a businessman in the Rampur Garden area. This, she claimed, was opposed by her as well as some other local residents living in the church compound. 

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