Thursday, June 05, 2014

Need to remain calm, maintain the peace

I understand the anger of these misguided youth, but they should exercise restraint to the extent possible.

Otherwise, the enemies of the nation will get a stick to beat us with and paint Hindus as "intolerant" etc.

These guys do have a sense of humour - I'll grant them that much.

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Rajdeep said...

I think this meaningless random attack has been remote controlled by the ruling Cong/NCP ruling combine. They want to be the beneficiaries of the fear factor, and will largely prevent Muslims from voting BJP in the Maha state elections coming up soon. Cong/NCP is desparate to prevent BJP-SS from sweeping Maharastra in the state elections after 15 years of pseudo-secular rule. The other indirect beneficiary of this killing is Muslim fundamentalists and radical clerics who will now get more recruits for their pan-Islamist cause in Pune. I hope the Centre clearly exposes the Maharastra NCP/Cong gameplan and shows the links of this so called 'Hindu Rashtra Sena' to the Cong/NCP. If I remember correctly, there was another 'Sambhaji Sena' which was used to give Hindutva a bad name, but eventually turned out to be an NCP creation a few years ago.
Lastly, large sections of the mainstream media will be complicit in the Cong/NCP gameplan to protect the interests of their sponsors. Absolute media silence on the ongoing ethnic cleansing of Hindus from many districts of West Bengal (with the active connivance of Trinamool Congress) is another example of media duplicity and treachery against the nation.