Monday, June 02, 2014

secular kerala: secular people do their thing

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Muslim orphanage in Kerala caught for Child Trafficking , but, since this comes under "SECULAR" category, media is silent ! @sagarikaghose

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Nun sets fire to fellow novice at St ANNE's CONVENT in Kerala. Since this is "SECULAR" , media is not making much noise! @sagarikaghose

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Kesavan Nedungadi said...

Arnab Goswami was at his howling best on "Times Now TV", along with his "panelists" over the abduction of an Indian "aid" worker in Afghanistan ( What everyone seems to be blind to is that the abducted person is "Father Alexis Prem Kumar", a Christian missionary. He might have been trying to carry out "missionary work", i.e. religious propaganda and conversions, under the guise of "aid". Such activities would bring a bad reputation for India and even enmity. Our government has to guard against this. Did he go to Afghanistan for "aid" work with GoI's approval? Where does the money for his NGO come from? Is GoI also giving money to his NGO?