Sunday, June 01, 2014

Quick notes: A train journey, UCC...

  • Must read: A train journey and two names to remember

  • Katju roots for UCC: "India has one common criminal law. Many of these laws are against the Muslim law. Nobody objected to that. For instance, Muslim law provides for stoning to death for women committing adultery, but that would be illegal under the IPC."

  • Soda secret: Sugar-sweetened drinks such as soda can lower semen quality.

  • Asthma: A form of vitamin E found in vegetable oils like corn, soybean and canola may worsen lung function, while another form typically found in olive oil may protect it. Asthma rates in the US have risen steadily in the past four decades, which corresponds with the rising use of canola, soybean and other vegetable oils rich in gamma tocopherol.

  • FDI:

  • Hydrogen leak: Mettur Thermal’s experience once again raises concerns on the suitability of Chinese power equipment for India.

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