Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Quick notes: Rs 300 Cr baggage, Sundar Pichai...

  • Evangalical baggage: Thanks to Jairam Ramesh, the Modi government will have to shell out Rs 300 crore — over the next two years — and deal with a society registered in the UPA regime packed with “eminent persons” (mostly Church Activists) which include members of Sonia Gandhi’s NAC.

  • Sundar Pichai: The Most Powerful Man in Mobile

  • India can use: Type an SMS message in English and receive a text back with its Spanish or Chinese translation.

  • Weavers became beggars: For at least two centuries the handloom weavers of Bengal produced some of the world's most desirable fabrics, especially the fine muslins, light as "woven air", that were in such demand for dressmaking and so cheap that Britain's own cloth manufacturers conspired to cut off the fingers of Bengali weavers and break their looms. Their import was ended, however, by the imposition of duties and a flood of cheap fabric – cheaper even than poorly paid Bengali artisans could provide – from the new steam mills of northern England and lowland Scotland. Subsequently, India became the exporter of raw materials and foodstuffs – raw cotton and jute, coal, opium, rice, spice and tea – rather than manufactured goods
  • Colonialism lives on: We won't give up on multi-brand FDI say retail MNCs

  • pSecularistan:

  • Aereo: Finished?

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