Wednesday, June 04, 2014

Everyone wants to pile on to BJP train now

Because success has a thousand fathers etc. All the psecs including rabid evangelicals like John Dayal and Cedric Prakash and the. #Presstitutes will now act as if they were for NaMo all along and try to dictate the agenda to the new government. And there are too many Nehruvian establishment type BJP wallahs who will get conned too - they do 
not *want* to *change* all that is wrong and rotten with the country.

I do not want to judge this individual - but 
it is curious as to why he didn't join the BJP, say a year ago Vs. now. Also, why was he silent when his brother unleashed all that "butcher" propaganda against Natendra Modi?

Opportunists like these should not be rewarded.

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