Friday, October 29, 2010

TOI avers that govt. funds are the personal property of 'kingini kuttans'

oct 29th, 2010

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Modi used UPA funds, conned Congress

"Chief minister Narendra Modi used a whopping Rs 4,700 crore to distribute doles in a little more than six months — between December 2009 and August 2010 — to rural and semi-urban poor. All this money for the doles came from the Government of India! Even the schemes for which the doles were given out were Central programmes."
We love doling out "our" funds - that's our birthright.
How dare a provincial chief minister do that with "our" funds?
How stupid of citizens to think that these are actually "their" tax monies, presumably at work!  

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Chris said...


TOI got a mouthful from all who commented on the article. Are they so naive to believe that such funds must not be spent by a mere State Govt.?

Dear Oh dear! Poor TOI is still busy applying Burnol to its wounded posterior!