Thursday, October 21, 2010

NPR's Islamomania & Thought Police

Veteran civil rights journalist-commentator Juan Williams has been fired from his position at NPR because of his frank admission (made on Fox News) on how he gets worried every time he's on a plane and sees people in overtly Muslim garb boarding. There has been a lot of justifiable outrage over the sacking of Williams just for expressing his feelings while appearing on another news network. Here's my comment posted below the article:
NPR is trying to stifle people from expressing their opinions. It’s not Juan Williams’ credibility that has been undermined, it’s NPR’s credibility that has been undermined by its own ill-thought actions. The problem doesn’t come from people like Juan Williams, it comes from NPR and their thought-police, which have their own curiously leftist slant. Had Juan Williams authored a Maplethorpe-style art exhibit featuring urine-soaked crucifixes, then he’d have no problems getting a paycheque from any US govt agency, whether NPR or the NEA. But he made the mistake of expressing his heartfelt apprehensions about a group aligned with the Left, and that means that all state-funded agencies have to bar their doors to him.

More on this from WSJ.

Just as a footnote - I'm reminded of my own recent experience on Bharat Rakshak Forum, which styles itself as India's leading national defense discussion site, when they promptly banned me after I expressed my non-preference over A R Rahman's music and his conversion to Islam.


Jatin said...

Well, NPR has also barred its employees from attending Jon Stewart's Rally to Restore Sanity - watch it here:

(fast forward to 3:03 in video)

Frankly, I have always thought of NPR reporting as "news in funny accent with bits of music in between". Jon also comments that he has "barred his employees to describing events in "esoteric terms""!

Just like Fox and CNN and such, NPR is also a mouthpiece of some interests that spreads its agenda in a way that sounds much like pseudo-intellectualism - only they have to sound bit different.

Karmasura said...

Wow they banned you???? Well, I'll miss your posts..

Inferno said...

Unrelated: investor sues company for lack of profit

M. Patil said...

What is intersting is the ground swell support Julian is recieving and the brickbats NPR is getting.

Now that this is pledge time, it should be seen as to how this episode will help/hinder fund raising. Already there are bi partisan calls to cut NPR funding!

American people seem to have had enough of 'liberal' enablers of Islam.

Arvind said...

"liberals" hate blacks. white "liberals" use blacks to create affirmative action programs and then benefit from those programs. check out the humanities department of any university if you don't believe me. it is full of white "liberals."

it is well known that the white "liberals" resent any (token) black who is given a job as the white "liberals" have a sense of entitlement.