Monday, October 11, 2010

interesting photo of kovalam beach

oct 11th, 2010

sorry, posterous ate the URL and actually posted the photo, which is under creative commons.

here is the URL:

nice work, mehul antani, and full credit to you. i like the HDR effect.

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Anonymous said...

High Dynamic Range (HDR) produces wonderfull images wherever there is significant light variation among regions within the frame being captured. All my HDR images have been masterpieces.

The newer DSLR cameras have this feature in-camera. So you will not need to use photoshop. You take three snaps at three different exposure levels, and the camera will automatically chose parts from any of the three snaps to create one snap with the best exposure at all regions.

Pentax recently announced the new Pentax K-r camera. This has built in HDR. In addition it also have algorith for eliminating variation due to handshake during HDR, so that a tripod will not be essential. I would highly recommend this camera to anyone interested in using HDR during travel.