Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Khoslanomics and Social Arbitrage

Jason Saul of Forbes describes Vinod Khosla as a “social arbitrageur” - someone who wants to use market forces to alleviate social problems like poverty. It's even claimed that Khosla's approach could outperform charitable NGO's, something which could see these socially parasitic lobbies shown the door.


Arvind said...

Another hoax that looks for government largesse. Entrepreneurs don't talk, they act and show results. When you hear someone say they are doing something for the poor, it always means that they have figured out a way to get government largesse.

Inferno said...

Is This A Currency War Or What?

sansk said...

It is actually capitalism that allows for peaceful social transformation. However, I agree with your point about anyone who does something 'social' that they are usually zombies sucking taxpayers' life via bureaucratic conduits.

e.g. in states of Southern US, state governments had to legally resort to enforcement of slavery while simple capitalistic system was forcing its end using economic forces.