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social cause survey results

oct 6th, 2010

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Dear Sri Rajeev Srinivasanji,
We sincerely thank you for having put a link to Social Cause survey on your blog.
Here below are the survey results for your kind perusal.
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for 'Social Cause'
29th September, 2010
Online users choose Temple for Nation's pride – Social Cause Survey
Results of online survey on Ramjanmabhumi - Babri Masjid issue


The judgement of the Allahabad High Court in Ramajanmabhumi - Babri Masjid title suits to be delivered tomorrow on Sept. 30 is undoubtedly a judgement curiously awaited by a large number of people all over India. In order to get an idea of the public pulse on this widely debated issue, Social Cause, a Hyderabad-based voluntary organisation, has conducted an online survey in the last about one week though its website 1089 people have answered the questions put by us till afternoon of 29th September. All the respondents are socially conscious net savvy people from different walks of life including software professionals, academic faculty and students.   


About 94% of the participants in survey are aware of the scheduled time of the judgement. 67% of the participants said they are very sensitive about the issue, 25% said they 'a kind of sensitive' and 8-9% people said they do not care about the issue. 93% of the participants believe that Sri Ramjanmabhumi in Ayodhya is a sacred place for Hindus while 7% people said they do not think it is a sacred place for Hindus.


56% of the participants said that they regard Sri Ram as 'a national hero', whereas 20% said they regard him as 'a mythological character' and 24 percent gave other adjectives to describe as to how they regard Sri Ram in their lives. 80% of the participants wanted a Sri Ram temple to come up at the disputed site, whereas 11% wanted a school or orphanage to come up and 7% wanted other structures like research institutes to come-up at the disputed site and 1% participants wanted a mosque to come-up at the disputed site .  


53% of the participants favoured a legislation in favour of the temple as the best way to settle the issue, 29 percent believed that out of court settlement between Hindus and Muslims is the best way, 14% said resolution through courts and judiciary is the best way and  4% wanted the status quo to be maintained. 


63% viewed Ramjanmabhumi movement as a movement for national pride, 20% regarded it as a religious issue and 17% viewed it as a political issue.


We did not ask the religion of the participants and the survey is for broad indicative purpose only.



(A. Srihari)

      For 'Social Cause'

Annexure - Graphs of Survey Results

Results of Social Cause
online survey on Ramjanmabhumi - Babri Masjid Issue
Total No. of Participants: 1089
Are you aware that Allahabad High Court verdict on Shri Ram Janmbhumi - Babri Masjid title suits is expected on 29th Sept?
Yes 1028 94%
No 66 6%
How sensitive are you about this issue?
Very Sensitive 728 67%
Kind of Sensitive 269 25%
I don't care 97 9%
Is Shri Ram Janmasthan at Ayodhya a sacred place for Hindus?
Yes 1020 93%
No 74 7%
How do you see Shri Ram in your life?
A National Hero 608 56%
As a mythical character 218 20%
Other 268 24%
What would you like to see at the disputed site?
Shri Ram Temple 877 80%
Mosque 15 1%
School, Orphanage etc 121 11%
Other 81 7%
What is the best way to settle this issue?
Out of court settlement between Hindus and Muslims 319 29%
Court and Judiciary 153 14%
Legislation in favour of temple 582 53%
Status quo to be maintained 40 4%
How do you see the Ram Janmbhumi movement?
National Pride 694 63%
Religious Issue 214 20%
Political Issue 186  17%

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