Saturday, October 02, 2010

hans buying up japan's land; guess what they must be doing in india

sep 30th, 2010

hans buying up japanese forest land. obviously to exploit it and trawl it for resources. hans are the human equivalent of locusts, along with the semites -- semites try to turn every piece of land they inhabit into a reasonable facsimile of the desert in west asia, their homeland. in this they are like goats. goats, as i have mentioned here before, turn any land they graze into the equivalent of the hardscrabble, low-fertility scrubland that is their original home, by digging up the soil with their sharp hooves so that the topsoil runs off when it rains.

yup, hans have destroyed their own land -- and it's not good land anyway, so now they want land elsewhere, eg. africa and now japan. similarly the arabs have been buying up land in, among other places, pakistan.

this just goes to show something that i keep on talking about -- the greatest resource is rich agricultural land. we have it, but we are destroying it, so that eventually we will have nothing to eat, as the locusts will take everything out. much like the limeys -- see the recent book on churchill by manjusree mukherji -- did the usual semitic locust-and-goat-thing to previously rich bengal.

if the hans are doing this so blatantly in highly nationalistic japan, imagine what they must be doing in india! all the corrupt UPA cadres and the bleeding-heart communists must be selling the country to the chinese. (in passing, remember how genocide suzie built a house inside a wildlife park.)

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