Friday, October 29, 2010

Mr Obama, do you have real business to talk with us? - DNA / R Vaidyanathan / Tuesday, October 26, 2010 3:10 IST

oct 29th, 2010

the good professor lays it out like it is.

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 Mr Obama, do you have real business to talk with us?

DNA / R Vaidyanathan / Tuesday, October 26, 2010 3:10 IST

The next two weeks will be full of atmospherics and inanities linked to the visit of US president Barack Obama. Indians are known to derive satisfaction from symbolism rather than substance. When Diwali was supposedly celebrated by George Bush's White House — a celebration in which the US president did not participate — we went into raptures. When Rajan Zed of Nevada was called to chant Vedic hymns at a Congressional opening, we were ecstatic. Similarly, when Obama visits India next month, we will drool over Michelle buying Kanjeevaram sarees or Obama savouring a paratha at a Delhi dhaba — or some such meaningless events. There is a move to take Michelle to the Red Light areas of Mumbai to get a feel of "inclusive" growth. Imagine Gursharan Kaur being paraded in Soho in London as part of her itinerary. Sikhs are pleading with Obama to visit the Golden Temple, even if he merely wears a baseball cap to cover his head.

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Arvind said...

yes, he has some real business. he wants to sell india some pollution licenses that al gore has hoarded up. you do not have to stop polluting or take any steps that help the environment. you just need to buy off the paper from al gore. he will even save the environment by making it a paperless transaction and will send you the license through email.

what is more, you will get a certificate which says that you are a superpower that has helped prevent a great flood which would have drowned new york city. so obama has some real business propositions - you get to save the world by paying al gore. if you don't pay him, the world is doomed because he will make the carbon-dioxide act as a valve that allows heat to come in but not go out and this will heat up the earth which in turn will melt all the ice at the poles which in turn will drown new york city.

india is already a superpower because jairam ramesh has agreed to let e-trash from usa be dumped in india in exchange for 90 million dollars. nothing wonderful like the white man's trash!

Raghu said...

In fact, the shoe is on the other foot: do we ever talk real business with them, or anybody else, for that matter?
Two points:
1)ELM, retd. IAS officers, media experts, well informed/popular blogs notwithstanding, political realities and political details are elusive to 99% of the public.
2)Important issues NEVER get highlighted or discussed nationally or internationally.