Wednesday, October 13, 2010

despite all my cynicism, this is a thrilling moment

oct 13th, 2010

who was the woman who ran the 3rd lap? the two kaurs did the first and last legs, so it was either sini jose or aswini akkunji, i think it was the latter. 

i applaud her, for she simply won the race for india. a stupendous effort against the strong nigerians.

hats off to the four. i salute them. 

this is why, all things considered, a clean sporting event -- and i don't include cricket in that category -- is so wonderful.

the unfancied indian women showed them what they are capable of!

for this one moment, all the loot by kalmadi, dikshit, and co is almost worth it. 


Harish said...

awessssome man..
thanks for putting up this in u r blog..

Felt so gooood to see Indian women really kick some a#$#$# on world stage in athletics...

not to mention Indian men defeated the australians for a 2-0 whitewash in cricket too;);)

Non Carborundum said...

The performance in the games like in the economy is in spite of the government.

A couple of our athletes could get caught in dope tests (one already has been)and then they will be vilified by the politicians and media, when in fact it takes quite a bit of courage and patriotism to take steroids and other substances in order to win medals for the country; athletes competing only for ego satisfaction and nothing much else. One of the reasons we do badly in athletics is because we do not have expertise in doping and masking.