Thursday, October 21, 2010

Hindu assaulted in Mangalore for befriending Mohammedan girl

Apparently, only Mohammedan males are allowed to engage in love (lust) Jihad in Mangalore pubs. If anyone opposes them, all hell breaks loose.

In this instance, a Hindu man merely befriended his female Mohammedan neighbour and was beaten up by the "Religion of Peace" stormtroopers.

And, ironically ended up being arrested by the police - this in "fascist", "communal" BJP ruled Karnataka!!!!

Where is Renuka Chowdhary now? Where is the Pink chaddi (knickers) brigade, incandescent with rage about moral policing, vigilantism etc? Apparently, all those things are not applicable when the victim is a Hindu.
Those uppity Hindus need to be shown their place you see.

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