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old hag MTeresa had plans for Ayodhya: Kolkata priest

oct 4th, 2010

standard christist tactic -- give us the land. 

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Paul thinks that because he didnt accompany Teresa she didnt give this bizarre proposal any more thought? I would have loved to have been a fly on the wall had Teresa indeed had gone to PVN and made this 'full of love and comapassion' not to say opportunist and evil idea. Not a muscle would have twitched on the sphinx's face as he saw her out, ever courteous, ever inscrutable. After all PVN is not Nitin Gadkari.

This blessed ldy's country, Albania was the first country to officially declare itself to be an atheist state. Now does anybody want to hazard a guess why Teresa didnt remain in her own country to transform the unholy atheists to see Jesus love? RR

Mother Teresa had plans for Ayodhya: Kolkata priest

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Published Date: September 27, 2010

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Mother Teresa had plans for Ayodhya: Kolkata priest thumbnail

As the nation awaits a court verdict on the ownership of the disputed site in Ayodhya, a Kolkata priest says Mother Teresa had plans for the land.

As the controversy continues, Journalist-priest C.M. Paul says he is "reminded of what Mother Teresa of Calcutta wanted to make a suggestion when there was the post-demolition national consultation on what to do with that land.

She approached the then archbishop of Calcutta Dr Henry D'Souza to accompany her to New Delhi and make her proposal to then Prime Minister P.V. Narasimha Rao to lease the disputed property to the Missionaries of Charity so that she could serve the poorest of the poor of all communities from there.

Writing in his blog, the priest said she wanted "to spread love and compassion where once blood and tears soaked the earth in which seeds of hatred were planted."

But the wise archbishop killed Mother's enthusiasm considering it a folly stating it "as inopportune proposal" and refused to accompany Mother Teresa, the priest said.

However in 2008 in a conversation with him the archbishop, now living a retired life, regretted his decision. "How I could have changed the course of India's history, if I had then heeded to Mother Teresa,"
 the archbishop reportedly told the priest.

"All is not lost… if men and women of good will from both warring factions agree to spread love and compassion from a newly constructed facility on that disputed spot, call it what you may," the priest said.

The dispute is over the land in Ayodhya where a 16th-century mosque stood until December 1992, until Hindu zealots demolished it. They say Muslim ruler Babur had demolished a Hindu temple there in order to build the mosque

The demolition sparked off nation-wide Hindu-Muslim riots. Protracted legal battles continued over the ownership of the land.

Allahabad High Court was to pronounce its verdict on Sept. 24. But Supreme Court last deferred the judgment by one week. Media reports say a court verdict favoring one group can enrage the other.



karyakarta92 said...

No thanks, christist hyenas. Samuel Reddy of AP has succesfully infiltrated christists into Tirupati.
If anything, the christist church needs to be made accountable for its genocidal atrocities in India. The christist church itself has a terrible record in terms of Hindu temple destruction - Exhibit A, the so-called "Basilica of Bom Jesus" in Goa, constructed after destroying a Shiva temple. Exhibit B, the so-called "St Thomas cathedral" in Madras, constructed after destroying another ancient Shiva temple. Exhibit C, the so-called "Velankanni church" in Tamil Nadu, constructed after destroying an Amman temple. The Ghoul of Calcutta certainly had the nerve to
even contemplate suggesting that the site be handed over to her vampires.

Raghu said...

Unconnected post-: Pls read foll. link for Musharraf's interview with Der Spiegel:,1518,721110,00.html.
Unlike the other Pak generals, this one hasn't faded away.

Vijay said...

A lot of Christian love here