Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Shiv Sena demands ban on Burqa


The Shiv Sena has been wallowing in Marathi parochialism in the recent past.
Therefore, the demand for a ban on Black tents comes as a breath of fresh air.

Although, due to uncontrolled changes to the demographic character of large parts of the nation, and perversion of the political parlance by the "secularists" - such a demand will unfortunately have rhetorical value only - like the Calcutta Quran petition demanding a ban on the book in India, 20 odd years ago.

In addition to the enslavement of
100 million citizens of India in oppressive black tents, unsuitable to the Indian climate and the inherent health risks, there are several legitimate security concerns with the Burqa, such as concealment of identity at voting booths, law courts and being a perfect stealth mechanism for criminal and terrorist elements.

Alas, the Shiv Sena's recent pre-occupations have undermined its credibility - although this is a perfectly valid and eminently reasonable concern, shared by millions of Indians.

In the near term, the Sainiks should expect an inquisition from the "mainstream" Indian media, i.e. the print tabloid rags such as the TOIlet paper and the electronic dhimmis such as the (N)ehru (D)ynasty TV. Surely, Burqa Dutt, Rajdeep Sardesia et al will fly into apoplectic , perhaps even orgiastic rage for
suggesting such an idea!!

The Shiv Sena still has potential
to emerge as the Geert Wilders party of India. It could begin by focusing its energies on the question of the estimated 2 million (20 lakh) lawless Bangladeshi Mohammedans present illegally in the Mumbai region alone.


Raghu said...

You hit the nail on the head: if the Shiv Sena re-invents itself, it can sweep Maharashtra with the BJP. It must learn to be inclusive and expansive and use its' fists where necessary.It must have strategic and economic re-think. It must go beyond a Pop-son roadshow. Can a batata-wada be transformed into a tasty gourmet-wada?

san said...

I don't see that the Shiv Sena have been behaving parochially, it's really that they've become justifiably disenchanted with a Hindi-speaking community that fronts for the Muslim lobby. Muslims from UP muscling their way into other parts of India don't make demands for more Urdu rights, but instead clamour for more recognition of Hindi. It's too bad that anyone resisting them gets labeled a 'parochialist'.

karyakarta92 said...

Disenchantment with "secular" Bhaiyas lobbying for Mohammedans is perfectly fine. However, what is the silly
claim on Belgaum in Karnataka - if not parochialism?
Karnataka is ruled by the BJP & Kannadigas largely do not lobby for Mohammedans, except for idiots like Girish Karnad, the Deve Gowda family etc. There are plenty of Marathi speaking psecs batting for Mohammedans in Maharashtra itself. Read the HJS website for a sickening
litany of appeasement & dhimmitude. The Shiv Sena is largely silent or ineffective in opposing Marathi dhimmitude.