Tuesday, October 19, 2010

"Secular" Indian caravan to Gaza

Psecs & Jihadis from India intending to travel to the Gaza strip in a caravan to "promote peace". What, haven't you folks done enough of that within India

I do wish these enablers and apologists for Jihad get blasted to smithereens by the Israeli Defense Forces. That would be a huge favour by Israel to the Indian people in time for the festive season.

Read the list of associated individuals and organizations.
A veritable who's who of Jihadi fifth columnists in India, including the bearded scumbag -
Sandeep Pandey, of ASHA.

Yet another reason to think a million times before donating a single penny to shady organizations like ASHA. You never know where that money will end up getting used!



Raghu said...

Unconnected post: Today's Slimes post on CWG: With the BJP finally telling it like it is, the slimy Slimes deflects the CWG mess with an IT-raid !

Harish said...

Off topic but can you post these up on the blog:


TWO SUNS IN THE SKY 1(english subs)


"To all non-Greek speaking viewers and people who may be interested, this film is very controversial in Greece. The Greek Orthodox Archdiocese of Athens has evidently pulled some secret police type tactics to suppress the distribution of this film and its conversion to DVD which is not only historically accurate and cintematographically beautiful, but should also be viewed and accessible by all students of Ancient Greek history, so called Christians and lovers of Ancient Greek theatre. further...

The film shows that this transformation was violent and not peaceful as the church argues. 1600 years have passed since the time depicted in this film, yet, the Christian occupation of Hellas continues..."


M. Patil said...

Why don't these Jerks make a trip to Kashmir or Deganga?

I know it is a rhetorical question.

Perhaps, HJS and other Hidu rights groups should make a trip to Deganga and spread the news around.