Sunday, October 17, 2010

'Multiculturalism Has Failed,' Says Germany's Merkel

German PM Angela Merkel has openly said what the rest of us already know: multiculturalism has failed as a social model. She made her comments specifically in response to a question about Germany's Muslim population. Merkel was alluding to the fact that Muslim immigrant populations refuse to integrate or assimilate to any wider surrounding society.


Sameer said...

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joe six-pack said...

I recently read a comment from a Muslim woman: "We submit only to God, no one else." This statement implies that Muslims will not 'submit' to the new location nor adapt to their new environment. This helps to explain why Muslims do not integrate well, if at all. It also helps explain why Muslims do not do well economically. After all, if you refuse to adapt to a new envrionment, how can you expect to prosper?

Inferno said...


Nepal: 50% of Nepalis are in favor of some form of monarchy. Meanwhile, many Nepalis are frustrated with the political parties' failure to deliver anything that resembles a functioning government.


Greece: China is pouring billions of dollars into ports and logistics, planning investments in areas such as construction, tourism and railways..

Murty said...

"Merkel tells Germans to accept the Islamization of Germany "


Raghu said...

So the "guestworker" has become the Master.What were they thinking? On the other hand, not a word about "Thaifrauen" because they and their have integrated fully. "Secular" Turkey, supplier of these guestworkers, has now become an Islamic republic. So what remains? A Hindu nation with an Italian freak as a "leader"?