Monday, October 11, 2010

FBI uses GPS to spy on mohammedan

oct 11th, 2010

another standard meme: CAIR moans about mohammedan victim of the FBI. interesting all his friends/associates/lawyer are mohdans 

if i were the FBI, i'd like to know his affiliation with pakistan, too. 

is he another headley or shahzad in the making? why is he traveling frequently to the middle east? the alibi of 'business interests' sounds weak. he does sound a lot like a headley -- mohdan father, divorced from white mother. 

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FBI allegedly caught using GPS to spy on student
By Kim Zetter, Wired
October 8, 2010 --
An FBI spokesman wouldn't acknowledge that the GPS tracking device belonged to the agency.
  • A California student found a GPS tracker on his car, which he says belongs to the FBI
  • A friend of the student posted pictures of the device to the social news website Reddit
  • The student says he was confronted by FBI agents, who asked him to return the gizmo
(Wired) -- A California student got a visit from the U.S. Federal Bureau of Investigation this week after he found a secret GPS tracking device on his car, and a friend posted photos of it online.

The post prompted wide speculation about whether the device was real, whether the young Arab-American was being targeted in a terrorism investigation and what the authorities would do.

It took just 48 hours to find out: The device was real, the student was being secretly tracked and the FBI wanted their expensive device back, the student told in an interview Wednesday.

The answer came when half-a-dozen FBI agents and police officers appeared at Yasir Afifi's apartment complex in Santa Clara, California, on Tuesday demanding he return the device.

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