Monday, October 11, 2010

Indonesian nationalist leader Sukarno on Indian civilization

oct 11th, 2010

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The Indonesian nationalist leader Sukarno echoed the same sentiments. In a special article in The Hindu on 4 January 1946, Sukarno wrote:
'In the veins of every one of my people flows the blood of Indian ancestors and the culture that we possess is steeped through and through with Indian influences. Two thousand years ago people from your country came to Jawadvipa and Suvarnadvipa in the spirit of brotherly love. They gave the initiative to found powerful kingdoms such as those of Sri Vijaya, Mataram and Majapahit. We then learnt to worship the very Gods that you now worship still and we fashioned a culture that even today is largely identical with your own. Later, we turned to Islam: but that religion too was brought by people coming from both sides of India.'

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