Wednesday, October 31, 2007

LTTE targeting students for conscription

LTTE targets more families for conscription
Those seeking higher education told to give brother/sister to Tigers:


The LTTE, the self-claimed sole representative of the Tamil people in the North-East has imposed yet another restriction on Tamil youth in the Vanni to curtail their university education by making it compulsory for one of their family members to join the Tiger outfit, for them to proceed to their respective universities to continue university education..............


Karunanidhi and Baalu's "dravidian" christist comrades further south in Sri Lanka are a lunatic death cult. Therefore, they would obviously seek to curtail the power of thinking and inquiry that a proper education may inculcate among those Tamil students. Some dravidian fool claimed recently on this blog that the dravidian movement used self-immolations in the anti-Hindi agitation, hence was "non-violent".
Next, the dravidians will claim that suicide bombing is harmless, which incidentally they co-invented with the Hizbollah.

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