Friday, December 11, 2015

Fareed Zakaria Attacks Trump

Fareed Zakaria has of course put out his own op-ed piece attacking Trump:

I think it's really important for Indians to stand up and be counted in supporting Trump in his time of need. He's in need of diverse faces right now while he faces attack from the rabid Leftist-Islamist axis. Now is when NRIs can come in and provide timely voices to offset the portrayal of Trump's supporters as only being "lily-white". Our voices and ethnic credentials can provide disproportionate benefit at this juncture. I'm of course going around to different online political forums and aggressively arguing Trump's case, and I'd urge other Indians to do the same.

Meanwhile, in a crucial development, Ben Carson has joined Trump in threatening to leave the Republican Party in the event of a rigged nomination process.

A Trump-Carson ticket could be a very potent one, and an independent run from them could completely gut Republican prospects of winning the US presidential elections.

In any case, Trump's lead over rivals continues to grow.

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