Tuesday, December 08, 2015

Trump Braves Backlash Against "Intolerance"

Donald Trump is braving the backlash against his recent declarations, even as his poll numbers show him moving from strength to strength.


Apparently, Moody's Rating Service has no comment or reports warning of risks to America's economy from this. Apparently, the US Federal Reserve chief has not bothered to jump into the fray, as India's RBI chief did.

Trump defends his approach in an interview with Barbara Walters of ABC:

I think we can see there's a war between nationalism and trans-nationalism that's growing around the world. The nationalists want their own nations to survive and thrive, while the trans-nationalists want to dissolve or subordinate nations to their trans-nationalist agenda. Let's be clear - these trans-nationalists aren't looking to replace the system of nations with some high-minded "Star Trek Federation" of "one humanity" - they're simply ethnically-driven people who want to establish their own ethnically-based trans-national empires spanning across the carcasses of former nations. Islam isn't just a religion - it's a totalitarian ideology which proscribes everything from system of governance to how people should dress and what they should eat. It doesn't recognize nations, and its adherents resist assimilation into nations.

Political Islam is then posing a challenge to nations worldwide, and its opportunistic alliance with Leftists worldwide is then inevitably triggering local responses to it. This might be best described through Narasimha Rao's phrase, the "Aurangzeb Principle". Just as Sikhs and Rajputs and Marathas, etc had to join hands to keep lighting fires under the backside of Mughal tyranny, likewise we'll eventually see Modis and Camerons and Putins and Abbots and Trumps, etc, etc all forming up to keep challenging the gradually ascending Islamist-Socialist axis, like a tag-team of wrestlers.

Unlike India's flawed democratic system, America's superior first-past-the-post democratic setup won't allow for Kejriwals and Nitishes to upset any applecarts. Trump has the power to crush the Republican Party by running as an independent and taking his voters away with him, and has threatened to do so if they try to marginalize him from their nomination process. The GOP establishment are whining at the upstart Trump, just as Advani and others did towards Modi. But Trump's poll numbers continue to stay strong, and he's been willing to use social media and interviews to get his message across to the public in the way that he wants, rather than allow poison-pen media intermediaries to speak for him. It's unfortunate that the Modi team purely rely on social media, and haven't yet cultivated the power of direct interviews to the same extent that Western politicians have long done.

We're so eager to show off our own savvy, but we need to take lessons from each other, in order to learn how to better fight the war and achieve better results.

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