Friday, December 18, 2015

Quick notes: Top ranked university, Minority institutions...

  • Top ranked university: Highest Number of Sexual Harassment Cases in JNU

  • A nation controlled by minorities? "The number of educational institutions granted minority status by the NCMEI has increased from 21 in 2005 to 11,384 during the last ten years".

  • Question of viability: Mumbai-Ahmedabad route already has strong air connectivity, rail connectivity and a first class expressway.

  • More questions on viability: Assuming that 100,000 tickets are sold every day (.. really!! ..), the cost of capital, including depreciation, interest etc, would work out to Rs 3200 a ticket, excluding operating cost. Clearly, without a massive subsidy, this venture would be broke beyond repair.

  • Misguided: The Indian railway has many more infrastructural needs of much higher priority, and Rs 98,000 crores should not be spent in trying to shift some passengers from Mumbai-Ahmedabad flights to the Mumbai-Ahmedabad bullet train

  • Elite Club? At what cost? The Bullet train is a childish desire of the government to join an elite club at the cost of 99.9 per cent of rail passengers.

  • Temsutula Imsong:

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