Thursday, December 03, 2015

Fwd: SC Constitutional bench upheld validity of 35A+Smooth sailing for naval power+Birgunj tense as UDMF cadres, Indians clash+The muddle over Syria

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1. Pakistan sends 30 migrants back to Europe – in short refuses to accept its citizens
2. "The San Bernadino shooters were a devout Muslim couple of Pakistani origin, they were wearing tactical armor and had sophisticated assault weapons, and were wearing GoPro cameras to capture footage of their killing for later dissemination."
4. Arms sale to Taiwan hinders Sino US ties editorial global times 3.12.15
'Shakeel controls most of the operations related to redevelopment projects through an associate called Rizwan in Mumbai. It is clear that the syndicate is actively involved in monitoring many of the court cases related to redevelopment projects, and that Rizwan briefs Shakeel regularly of them. '
6. The muddle over Syria by swapan dasgupta 4.12.15
n spite of its record of barbarity, ISIS has successfully linked itself to the wider narrative of Muslim victimhood. Assad may well be a nasty piece of work whose track record is dodgy. However, in encouraging a civil war against his regime, the West was guilty of believing that liberal democracy can be exported and replicated the world over, from Burma to Syria.'
7. Countering radicialization in Kashmir Valley br brig anil gupta 3.12.15
Most of the attackers were involved in fuel smuggling, alleges NSP central member'
9. Seeking closure – Pak Bangladesh history by Ayesha S 4.12.15
10. Smooth sailing for naval power by abhijit b 3.12.15
11. SC Constitutional bench upheld validity of 35A claims J&K State Govt. 4.12.15
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