Monday, December 28, 2015

Fwd: Economically Speaking -- Podcast archives

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From: Atanu Dey
Subject: Economically Speaking -- Podcast archives

My friend Sudipta Chatterjee in the SF Bay area has been recording podcasts which he calls "Economically Speaking with Atanu Dey". The archives of the audio sessions are available at

That is a public link -- meaning anyone with that link can access and download the content. Please feel free to share the link. 

Each of the episode is around 18 minutes long. The aim is to discuss some basic concepts of economics informally. Sudipta is a perfect interlocutor since he is a layperson in economics but is sharp as a tack (you cannot work at the Google headquarters as a senior techie). 

Currently there are four episodes. About one episode a week is a good pace and we expect that in the next few months we will have a sizable archive. I hope you will listen and send in your questions that you want addressed. Our goal is to address questions that non-economists have about economics. 

Please keep in touch.


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non-carborundum said...

Atanu Dey's friend huh? Sorry, no time.

SS said...

Something wrong with Atanu Dey? I think he makes a lot of sense

non-carborundum said...
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non-carborundum said...

Yes SS. Too esoteric. He brilliantly articulates and argues a theoretical construct with no regard for the real world and especially none for Indian conditions. That would be fine if he were a physicist or some other pure or applied scientist, but this can be dangerous in economics, politics and the social sciences in general.

Look at his line of reasoning on minimum wages and on organised retail:

Without going into details, I strongly believe that some sort of minimum wage stipulations are needed in India, and organized retail will ultimately lead to mass unemployment. My views are supported by evidence in other countries as well.

I rather prefer the approach of people like Rajeev, Prof. Vaidyanathan etc. and not such pseudo-intellectuals whose first motivation seems to be to prove that they are the ripest of all thinkers.