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Fwd: Flight to Lahore Modi’s masterstroke+Obama invites Modi, Nawaz to Nuclear Security Summit+The Lahore Summit: The Nuclear Angle + MORE

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1. Behind the temptation of talking to Pakistan. Innovative diplomacy has always failed to get over structural impediments . editorial MINT 28.12.15
2. The Great Walls of China by dr amarjit singh 28.12.15
3. What is in name? The politics of naming Pakistani Missiles by prateek joshi 25.12.15
In this light, it is quite interesting to note that it is after the invaders who had attacked India that Pakistan has come to name some of its missiles. The names are:

Mr Modi has succeeded in highlighting Pakistan's role in breeding terrorism at all the international forums far more effectively than all the efforts made in past. But there are far more serious dynamics at work. Most importantly it is the  Russian and Chinese geo-economic interest that are reshaping the geo politics in India- AfPak region.
My take – they are offered financial relief not Permanent Resident Certificate which enables them to become citizens of J&K, get government jobs and their children education.
7. Pakistan remains faithful partner of China 28.12.15
However, people-to-people exchanges are the missing part in the foundation of China-Pakistan cooperation in international affairs. Our Pakistani friends enjoy a lot of advantages when contacting Islamic countries, so Pakistan could act as a bridge between China and Islamic countries for further cooperation and collaboration, especially in the process of building "One Belt, One Road" and realizing the Asian community of shared destiny.
8. Nepal democracy on the brink by brahma c 28.12.15
9. From threatening Pakistan to holding hands with Sharif Modi has come a long way 26.12.15
10. The Lahore Summit: The Nuclear Angle by col anil athale 28.12.15
Some American think-tankers have appropriated all credit for the talks and believe that American prodding was responsible for the Lahore meeting. The world is very different in 2015 and in realistic terms it is the US that needs India more than the other way around. These Americans need to be reminded that when it came to concessions to Pakistan, American pressure did not work even in 1963 when India was in dire straits! As to Pakistan listening to the US, well, the Pakistanis kept ObL hidden for 11 years in their country!
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