Wednesday, December 02, 2015

Quick notes: The Keyser Sözes of IS, Flood havoc...

  • The Real ISIS: “As fighters, the Islamic State militants have mostly been a disappointment. Their numbers don’t seem that big and they’re eager to run away. ISIS has successfully made themselves seem bigger and scarier than they are in reality through social media”.

    “They’re not some giant, holy juggernaut of ultimate damnation for unbelievers. They’re just a bunch of filthy, mouth-breathing, knuckle-dragging pigs who run away at the first sign of resistance. Really nothing more than a thorn in the side.”

  • Urban planning in denial: Why Chennai gets unbearably flooded and what can be the solution

  • Yale Study: Walnuts May Cut Diabetes, Heart Risk

  • Manoj Bhargava: Meet the man behind the bicycle that produces day-long electricity for an hour of pedalling

  • Useful technical video on Solar Power:

  • Flood Relief:

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