Wednesday, December 09, 2015

Branding Wars: Trumping the Media

Master of the Game - The Trump Card

It's quite interesting seeing a candidate successfully taking on the Left-wing media and winning. Needless to say, every major media outlet in the Western world is branding Trump a 'fascist' - and yet he keeps prevailing in the polls. He's loud, he's proud, and the more the Left-dominated media attack him, the more that people see him as an underdog champion taking on the establishment.

What's very interesting is how cannily Trump has managed to exploit the media in achieving political poll gains with minimal expenditure of money. In a political system which has come to be dominated by rich Political Action Committees (PACs) which hand out precious funds needed to buy political campaign advertising, Trump has managed to circumvent all of that simply by dominating the headlines with his non-stop hard-charging attention-grabbing style. In this sense, he has become a clever disrupter of the established big-money dynamics which have thusfar dominated US politics. He certainly deserves credit for his unorthodox out-of-the-box thinking.
Trump, on the other hand, has spent a mere $216,000 on paid campaign commercials (just on radio ads, and less than 1 percent of Team Bush’s outlay), but has managed to increase his first-place lead to an average of 29.3 percent in national polls—14 points ahead of his nearest rival, Texas Sen. Ted Cruz.


SS said...

Trump is a genius at media strategy, the more outrageous statements he makes the more airtime he gets and more popular he becomes. But, the bottom line is a lot of Americans agree with him and are sick and tired of PC. I hope Modi and the BJP are taking notes.

Another megatrend is that European style right-wing populism is taking hold in America. The "traditional" American right-wing based on Classical Liberalism is dying.

san said...

You mean these Rockefeller Conservatives are going out of style. Yes, this has been the case since the Reagan era, and since Clinton beat Bush back in 1992 due to the latter being abandoned by the Christian Right.

Trump seems to repose trust in the reality of a Silent Majority among the American electorate. This large Silent Majority, much of it residing in Middle America, doesn't necessarily dance to the tune of the media and their PC Police. Obama's presidency has led to more insecurity and not less, and Hillary is already too tied to this administration to avoid the anti-incumbency backlash.

Trump's high energy campaigning and his staunch refusal to succumb to PC is then tapping a large anti-PC backlash. In spite of media ramming PC down everyone's throats, Islamization is the bone that can't be swallowed and has gotten stuck in everyone's throats.