Thursday, December 03, 2015

Pakistan Rejects Pakistani Deportees

Pakistanis who have illegally entered other countries are now being rejected by Pakistan as deportees, and are being sent back to the countries trying to deport them:

For some reason, Pakistan is choosing not to recognize its own citizens who have illegally entered foreign countries, and is refusing to take them back as in the past.

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Sujeev said...

This is a strategic mistake The BJP government is making.

Why is that only less educated Pakis & Bangladeshis are taking advantage of migration routes to OECD coutries, off of the official ones?

Why can't? Why shouldn't the BJP government enable less educated, but otherwise very capable, Hindus from all castes take whatever path they can to OECD countries?

This is one way to leverage the economic strength of OECD countries to strengthen the Jati system, and India's economy, at the same time.

Despite barriers to immigration for less educated people, OECD countries are loathe to deport anyone who makes it to their shores, and is successful. Only undocumented immigrants who commit crimes are deported.

Patels from Gujarat, Sikhs from Punjab, Sri Lankan Tamils, are all testament to the easygoing attitude of OECD countries toward (initially) undocumented immigrants who end up making substantial contributions to their economies.