Sunday, June 28, 2015

Quick notes: Oil reserve, PV memorial...

  • Engineering marvel: India’s first underground rock cavern for storage of crude oil is ready.

  • PV, the architect of ‘Look East’ policy: The man under whose term India brought in momentous economic reforms which pulled India from the brink of an economic catastrophe.

  • Lip service to Sanskrit, no revival roadmap: A year after it assumed office, there is little evidence that the Modi govt has done much for India's classical languages, including Sanskrit, which many in the current administration claim to hold dear.

  • Robots and jobless growth: The use of robots is driven not by the urge to cut labor costs. The business case for automation is first and foremost "line speed - and you get the benefits of high levels of quality". Robots, it turns out, are more reliable welders than their human counterparts. There are typically 3,500 welding points in a car; so reducing human error means the production line has to be halted much less frequently.

  • Circadian Rythms: LEDs Mimic Sunlight to Help You Sleep Better

  • World class cancer:

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michale wong said...

If other than oil, new related to Malaysian market would be more useful for a KLSE stock analysis and researcher like me.