Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Fwd: The BBC and its chums stress out over Yoga

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Sandwiched between these two items which were each over five minutes long, was the item about International Yoga Day.
One just can't make this up! If moneygrubbing rip-off merchants like the trendy lowlives in Europe and the USA who make a fortune out of Yoga or even a cool hippie or Hilary Clinton were to run a Yoga Session, the illiterati at the BBC, Guardian or the Independent would be applauding it as "environmentally green, health conscious and the epitome of cool". One only has to search "Yoga" on the Guardian's website to learn that.

But when the elected government of one of the very few millenniaold surviving indigenous cultures and nation in the world gets its day in the sun to celebrate something that all humanity can derive benefit from, the illiberal liberals get apoplectic while they stress out over Yoga. Funny how, these days, they even beat the rival camps of proselytisers to either decry everything Indian as the very work of the devil or purloin it for the "civilized world" and package it as a gift of the master race which the natives would otherwise so presumptuously celebrate as their own. The Master Race just can't have that

In the British press, the build up to International Yoga Day began weeks before the main event.  The Guardian, with its Hindu hating Jason Burke (at one time he described the Iraq invasion as "entirely justifiable from a humanitarian perspective") was quick off the mark using all the wiles of the plagiaristic 14year old which seem to be the hallmark of the foreign news hack: name dropping, a sprinkling of unheard of, but dangerous non-entities like Owaisi thus creating a vacuous veneer of "research" and "respectability" best described as pretend-journalism.

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san said...

BBC is a bastion of Modi-bashing and India-bashing. They're already stressing out over #SelfieWithDaughter and trying to tarnish it by attacking Modi: