Monday, June 15, 2015

Quick notes: Solar on border, Right to Clearance...

  • BSF  to use solar energy for its remote out-posts, where no electrification is possible till date. 5MW solar energy plant in Gujarat.
    Solar's great advantage is that you can keep it distributed (while employing micro-inverters). A centralized plant that can be bombed makes no sense.

  • Telangana cuts red-tape: The Right to Clearance will involve a provision to impose a fine of Rs.1,000 on officials for each day of delay in granting clearance to a project, besides allowing businesses to know the exact reason why a proposal is stuck.

  • Make-in-India: Mahindra bags multi-million dollar aerospace deal with Airbus

  • Who needs drones from Amazon? Smartphones and Motorcycles Fuel Hyperlocal E-Commerce in India.

  • No more a Garden city: B'luru air 200 pc more polluted than national quality standard.

  • Ayurvedic lead poisoning: Some preparations which use “bhasma” or ash may contain heavy metals such as lead, arsenic or mercury. ... So many quacks claim to be Ayurvedic experts.

  • Preventing transmission of dengue fever: A group at Monash University has infected mosquitoes with bacteria that prevent the dengue viruses from taking up residence in the mosquito.

  • Can China Be Contained?  Revising U.S. Grand Strategy Toward China 

  • Yogi Naeem:

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