Monday, June 22, 2015

Fwd: Digitizing Defence & Security+Why thousands of Chinese are migrating to Europe+Yoga day is a good beginning, but only a beginning

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'India was reportedly told to conduct the recent Army operation in 10 km limited area , but the operation spread to as much as 70 km inside Myanmar operation.'
2. External and Internal threats to China by claude arpi 18.6.15
3. Digitizing Defence & Security- beyond Digital India: by lt gen prakash katoch 22.6.15
5. Ferment against Pakistan Army domination of political process starts mounting 22.6.15 by dr subhash kapila.
6. Return of Kashmiri Pandits by pran pandit 20.6.15
7. Why thousands of Chinese are migrating to Europe 22.6.15 by r butt
'Apparently, to be a frontline state of China, Pakistan would be prepared to pay a price in losing some area of autonomy in handling its own foreign policy. It is forgetting that in the affairs of the nations, a frontline state can always become a front paw with little will to move on its own.'
9. Yoga day is a good beginning, but only a beginning. India needs to build a long narrative by rajeev srinivasan 22.6.15
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