Saturday, June 27, 2015

Sons of Nano

While Tata's Nano ran into hurdles which delayed its launch, and the product later disappointed in not fulfilling its market potential, it may nevertheless end up having transformed the marketplace by influencing the approach of others, and in spawning imitators who are now forming a next wave of offerings. As the old American saying goes, "the pioneers get the arrows, the settlers get the land."

In contrast to the All-in-One approach of the new Multix from Eicher-Polaris, Mahindra is now coming out with the Jeeto, which is actually an assortment of small mini-trucks offering significant improvements in value for money, and targeted at the small commercial market segment, which is a very important demographic in India:

The newer crop of Nano-like offspring are reminiscent of Japan's famous micro-sized Kei-cars and Kei-trucks, which helped to power that country's post-war economic revival:

History of the Kei Truck

These cheaper yet important products helped to empower the lower end of society by helping to raise their productivity and give them a leg up on the lowest rungs of the economic ladder.


Sameer said...

Rajeev, looks like some of the marxist MSM guys got 'inspired' by your post on Eachara Warrier.

Of course, the thief Siddharth Varadarajan gives his own marxist twist to it.

nizhal yoddha said...

these guys had never heard of poor eachara warrier before. i suspect varadarajan did read my piece on warrier. so he speaks well of warrier.

but the rest of his argument, rajan and kashmir separatist equal equal, is the usual leftie cant.

lefties think human rights is their bailiwick. it startles them when a RWer like me appropriates that; of course that's because the fascism in india is left fascism.